The Hospitality industry has become an increasingly important part of Preston Phipps business. Ensuring guest satisfaction is critical to a hotels reputation. Together with Armstrong International, we work on generating an instantaneous and ongoing supply of hot water while also capturing energy efficiencies. Helping leading hotel groups like Marriott Hotel deliver customer satisfaction and profitability.

Steam Traps Industrial Fans Energy Conservation
Armstrong International Strobic Air Armstrong International


Heat Exchangers Pumping Traps Coils
Docal Armstrong International Armstrong Hunt


Air Handling Units Humidification: Electric / Steam / Gas Face & By-Pass Coils
Preston Phipps Units Armstrong International Armstrong Hunt
Bousquet  Devatec


Transmitters / Flow Meters Valves & Actuators Hot Water Mixing Valves
Armstrong Veris Klinger Armstrong International


Pressure/Temperature Regulators Air Handling Units Self Cleaning Automatic Strainers / Basket
Armstrong International Bousquet S.P. Kinney
Preston Phipps Units Armstrong International


Hose Stations/Mixing Valves Instantaneous Water Heaters Pipe Couplings
Armstrong International Armstrong International Straub
Gas “Flo-Direct”
Digital Flow