Seminar Overview:

The course offers a strong foundation in the design and operation of steam systems within an Oil and Gas Production Facility. Our training room in Montreal offers a firsthand view of a live steam system complete with glass piping and glass steam traps. Our course offers people in the industry an opportunity to converse with other industry experts and operators. In addition to our in house industry experts we have guest speakers each with a wealth of knowledge in the oil and gas industry. Previous topics by guest speakers have included: Sulfur Recovery Unit Heat Maintenance, Alternative Heat Exchanger Technology, OTSG Water Side Dynamics etc. Other topics covered will be fundamentals of steam, vacuum, water hammer, steam trap operation, high pressure trapping, SAGD trapping, trace design and proper piping practice for steam systems. During the presentations a steam lab built of completely transparent piping and steam trap will be used enabling you to visualise what actually occurs in your steam systems.

We will also discuss the cost of generating steam, preventive maintenance and energy audits, automated monitoring systems, basic heat transfer concepts and coil construction, coil failure and their prevention, trapping and venting temperature control on modulating steam coils.

The benefits of our seminar have been proven through clients who applied techniques they acquired from the course materials, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

October 17-18, 2023
2 days

Who Should Attend?

  • Consulting, Industrial Process and Project Engineers: If you specify product for new or replacement installations, this seminar is designed for you. Topics include an overview of available product features, how it works and typical applications, how to determine which product is right for your application and how to design it into your system.
  • Plant and Maintenance Engineers: If you are involved in maintenance and operation. Topics include routine inspection and preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and repair procedures.
  • Contractors: If you sell and install products directly to end users. Topics include an overview of basic technical data and available product, installation techniques, how to quote, competitive technologies and sales/marketing techniques.
  • Students: If you are planning a career in the steam specialties field or as a maintenance engineer, this course is highly recommended and will provide a solid foundation to compliment your college or university studies.

Why Attend?

  • See what’s new. Learn about products, how they work, how they make a difference.
  • Benefit from hands-on experience. Nothing beats face-to-face interaction.
  • New Product Technology Theatre:
    • Transparent Glass
    • Flow Loops
    • Working Demos
  • Learn and grow. We offer many seminars to help you develop your expertise


$995.00 per person (+ taxes)


  • Continental breakfast and lunch for the two seminar days
  • Supper in town on Day 1
  • Complete catalogue with literature and technical information
  • Supplies for seminar


  • Air fare and travel
  • Hotel & accommodation. We do however, recommend the following nearby hotel:

DoubleTree by Hilton Pointe Claire
6700, Pointe-Claire, Québec H9R 5L4

Reservations must be made through Preston Phipps. Contact (514) 333-5340 or by e-mail at

Seminar Agenda:

Steam Basics
– Properties of Steam
– Heat Value of Steam
– The Perfect Steam System
– Steam Distribution
– Typical System Design
– Condensation in Steam Systems
– Effect of Flash on Condensate Return
– Steam Tables
– Steam System Efficiency and Flooded Systems
Steam System Design
– Engineering vs Reality
– Line Sizing, Drip Sizing
– HP vs LP
– Superheat
– Cascading Systems
– Contamination in Steam Systems
– Vacuum Barrel
Shop Walkdown
Steam Trapping
– Trap Types
– Trap Application and Selection
– Trap Selection and Orifice Sizing
– Safety Factors
– Trap Testing and Monitoring
– Trap Management System (Sage and UMT)
– Why We Return Condensate
– Types of Return Pump
– Steam Driven Pump (both pump traps and blowcases)
– Pump Demo
– Electric Pumps
– Dealing with Flash on Condensate Returns
– Returning Over Temp Condensate
Water Hammer
– Types of Water Hammer
– Eliminating Water Hammer Risk
– Results of Water Hammer
– Water Hammer Examples
Tracing Systems & Critical Temperature Maintains
– System Options (Electric, Steam, Oil, Glycol)
– Jacketed Pipe vs. ControTrace vs. Tube Tracing
– Tracing Demo
– Proper System Design
– Controheats
– System Operation and Isolation
– Freeze and Thaw
– The Effect of Temperature
– Leak Repairs
Heat Exchange and Condensate Management
– Steam Process Control (Pressure vs Level Control)
– Demo Heat Exchanger
– Colis
– Heat Exchanger Operation and Problems
Effective Management in Utility Systems
– The Effects of Steam Trap Condition
– Cost of Steam vs. Cost of Maintenance
– Freeze and Thaw
– Steam Valves
– Trap Valve Stations
– Universal Connectors
– Maintenance Programs
– Maintenance in Design
– Winterization
– Trap Valve Stations and Manifold
Closing Comments