Preston Phipps Seminars

As your ultimate steam solutions provider, Preston Phipps offers training and educational programs to support our product lines and assists in the transfer of knowledge to our clients. As an industry visionary and pioneer, Preston Phipps was the first in North America to offer in-depth, hands-on technical seminars on steam related products. With state-of-the-art training facilities in Montreal , Preston Phipps has trained over 10,000 participants including consulting engineers, contractors, maintenance professionals and students. We offer a regular schedule of seminars covering the basics of Thermodynamics, Trap Theory, Steam and Condensate Piping Designs, Applications and Sizing, Failure and Maintenance. Preston Phipps is fully accredited by the Ministère de l’Emploi du Québec as well as the order of Quebec Engineers (OIQ) for 16 hours of continuing education. All Preston Phipps seminars are:

  • Presented by certified engineers and qualified product specialists
  • Offered in either English or French
  • Conducted at our modern seminar facility
  • Hands-on and interactive
  • In-depth and cover installation procedures and common practices