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Preston Phipps provides valve solutions to measure and control your critical pressure, temperature, level, flow, and analytical process parameters. Our valve offering includes high quality ball, check, globe, piston, gate, plug, jacketed plug, butterfly valves and strainers. 

Preston Phipps’ engineering and sales staff possess extensive knowledge and expertise of the industrial systems and applications used by these industries. As such our value proposition relies on our ability to understand and exceed the expectations of our valued customers, providing flexible processes for delivering high-quality products and services. We have grown to serve the needs of a broad customer base across numerous industry segments including Power & Steam, BioPharm, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Mining & Smelting, Water Treatment, Hospitality, and Institutional.

Discover how Preston Phipps is the premier provider of value engineered products, services and full turnkey solutions for Commercial, Institutional and Industrial markets.

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Over the years our expertise, network and product selection have grown immensely, but our service has stayed responsive, providing our customers with the one-on-one attention. Whether standard or custom, Preston Phipps will provide the unbeatable selection you need with the attention you deserve.

  •  High-quality valves including Ball, Check, Globe, Gate, Plug, Jacketed Plug, Butterfly Valves and Strainers.
  • Valves range in size up to 64”, operating pressure up to Class 2500 and operating temperature from -196°C to 600°C.
  • Custom Specialty valves
  • CSI provides thermal maintenance systems for heating and cooling of liquid/vapor processes in the petrochemical, chemical, and refining industries.
  • Manual or actuated piston valves, ensuring precise control and tight shut-off
  • Single or double basket strainers and automatic self-cleaning strainers for the treatment of raw water and other fluids
  •  These couplings will replace welded, flanged, threaded or grooved type pipe joints.
  • Used for pipe-misalignment, vibration in various fields of applications.

Industries Served