Steam trap survey services

The first step in eliminating steam leaks consists of finding where the energy is lost. The best way to achieve these steps is with the help of our trained and experienced Armserv technicians. Armserv has over 1000 steam trap audits over the past 20 years. All steam traps and equipment are audited; the data is computerized and analyzed by Armserv to generate a report. When defective and blowing through steam traps are repaired, a 600% return on investment and a payback of 60 – 90 days are often realized.

Validation services for Phoenix Product for critical spaces ventilation

Armserv offer a validation and inspection program for the Phoenix Controls system. This system controls an accurate air flow in laboratory while maintaining an efficient and safe hoods operation. Furthermore, it will supply adequate pressurization to the laboratories. Validating and optimizing your equipment will insure a current, efficient, energy saving and above all, safe operation of your Phoenix Controls system.

Aircuity product maintenance services

The program is structured to ensure that the sensors and specific equipment operating OptiNet system are operating at peak performance and will provide years of continued uninterrupted use. The plan is designed to cover the replacement costs for the consumable sensor elements, their periodic scheduled calibration as well of the maintenance of all the system components for the air quality analysis in the designated rooms.

Strobic exhaust fan maintenance services

Our service offer comprise the following; visual inspection of all structural elements, bearings lubrification, vibration analysis complete with report, cleaning and adjustment of all the louvers bypass and isolation.

Installation turnkey project for Preston Phipps products

CMMTQ licenced contractor, Armser offers installation services for steam / water heating product represented by Preston Phipps.