Preston Phipps is a Socially Responsible Corporation, meaning that we self-regulate our business practices to ensure we encourage a positive impact on the environment and our stakeholders; including customers, employees, suppliers, and our communities.

Preston Phipps is proud to announce the Equity & Diversity Scholarships: 2018 PP-EDS Press Release

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To recognize our 85th anniversary, President Mark Paulin has launched an ambitious 15-year engagement to donate 1 Million dollars’ worth of endowments to different universities across Canada. This will create scholarships for deserving students in the Faculty of Engineering. In order to promote gender equality & diversity, Preston Phipps 2018 Equity & Diversity Scholarship recipient is McGill University.

McGill has created the this video outlining the importance of this award

Some organizations that we support include:


My wife Marg and I have been travelling to Haiti since 2004 to volunteer/work at Hopital Bon Samaritain (HBS) in Limbe. This hospital is located in the north of Haiti and serves approximately 350,000 people of the city and surrounding valley. We have served the Haitian people here in many capacities working in the pharmacy; the orphanage; administration; building; repairs and updating their water requirements for the hospital as well as the city. One important change we saw a need for was a place for children in the orphanage that would to attend school to live, so we formed Hodge Foster home. There are now 4 children living full time and we help pay the costs for the foster Mothers; the operating expenses and for their schooling. It has been amazing watching our 4 “Haitian” grandchildren grow as they are now 11 and 3 soon to be 8. There are 4 more children who are 3+ living in the orphanage now that we are looking into moving into Hodges house next.

It is while being in Haiti we noticed a lot of children not attending school and received an increasing number of requests from parents, educators, Fathers, Sisters etc. for helping with education, that we formed Project Precious in honour of a child Marg found abandoned at the hospital that died soon after from hydrocephalus. This program is to assist in all functions of education like salaries of teachers; tuitions; school supplies; repairs; we have built one 6 classroom school and in the midst of an 11 classroom school with an administration wing; as well as we are providing a feeding program for 2 schools – 1 with 200 students and the other with 450.

It has been an amazing experience and quite a ride since our first trip in 2004. We raised $4,500 and took about 900 lbs of materials and supplies with us. The next year we started more into the fund raising and sending out requests to businesses and people. It is through these efforts that companies like Preston Phipps have come on board and have been faithfully helping Marg and I every year raise funds to “Help keep HOPE alive in Haiti”. At the end of 2014 we have raised a total of more than $520,000 along with close to 9,000 pounds of supplies.

Marg and I believe this is our calling to travel to this wonderful, yet very impoverished country, with its amazingly resilient people and beautiful country. We have been so blessed to have companies like Preston Phipps, their faithful employees and all those providing what we need to serve our “second family.

Jim and Marg Brickman