Energy Services

ES DIVISION – Energy Services
At Preston Phipps, our mission is to provide not only high-quality engineered products, but also the Engineering, Technical, and Maintenance services required to support them. During the last 10-15 years; there has been a global trend to replace full time in house specialists with outside expert consultants if and when required for projects, problem solving, studies, etc
ES recognizes and responds to a proven need for comprehensive and cost effective steam and utility system services. With a team of readily available experts; ES responds quickly and can mobilize to customer sites. With a track record of successfully handling difficult challenges; ES delivers customized services that align with the specific challenges presented by each capital project, operations improvement, or maintenance program.


  • Steam/Condensate Distribution System Review, Analysis or Troubleshooting
  • Steam & Glycol Tracing System Design, Improvement and Review
  • Sulphur System Temperature Control Analysis and Improvement
  • Equipment Specific Analysis: Drainage Review, Steam Trap Audit or Piping Review
  • Winterization procedures review and/or implementations
  • Steam Quality Analysis and Review
  • Steam System Debottlenecking

Steam Tracing System


  • Heat Exchangers Custom Engineered Packaged
  • Glycol Systems Custom Engineered Packaged
  • Flash Drum Systems
  • Blowdown Tank Recovery Unit
  • Multiplex Pump Systems
  • Condensate Recovery Units




  • Condensate Collection Manifold System
  • Condensate Collection Piping System Layout
  • Flash Recovery System
  • Blowdown Heat Recovery System
  • Steam Trap Population Management Program


  • Mobilize Engineering and Technical Experts to Study, Investigate and Troubleshoot at customer site
  • Emergency Response Support; System Freeze-up, Equipment Failure, System Failure
  • Detailed Review of Engineering Documents or Details
  • On Site Training OF Energy System for Management, Operations and Maintenance Staff
  • Steam School: Advanced Steam Topics for Energy System