Valve & Piping Accessories

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Valve & Piping Accessories
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  •  High-quality valves including Ball, Check, Globe, Gate, Plug, Jacketed Plug, Butterfly Valves and Strainers.
  • Valves range in size up to 64”, operating pressure up to Class 2500 and operating temperature from -196°C to 600°C.
  • Custom Specialty valves
  • CSI provides thermal maintenance systems for heating and cooling of liquid/vapor processes in the petrochemical, chemical, and refining industries.
  • Manual or actuated piston valves, ensuring precise control and tight shut-off
  • Single or double basket strainers and automatic self-cleaning strainers for the treatment of raw water and other fluids
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  •  These couplings will replace welded, flanged, threaded or grooved type pipe joints.
  • Used for pipe-misalignment, vibration in various fields of applications.