Power & Steam

As a leading specialist and innovator in steam technologies, Preston Phipps has been servicing Canadian industry since 1933 providing value-added products and steam optimization services.

We are proud to serve some of Canada’s leading power utility operations including :

  • Hydro Québec
  • Independent Market Operator (Ontario Hydro)
  • New Brunswick Power
  • BC Hydro

As well as leading engineering firms such as :

  • SNC Lavalin
  • Hatch
  • AMEC


Steam Traps Steam & Condensate Manifolds Energy Conservation
Armstrong International Armstrong International Armstrong International


Heat Exchangers Tank Heaters Coils
Docal Armstrong Hunt Armstrong Hunt


Industrial Fans Laboratory Air Flow Control Instantaneous Water Heaters
Strobic Air Phoenix Controls Armstrong International
Strobic Air Flo-Rite-Temp
Aircuity Gas “Flo-Direct”
 Waldner Digital Flow


Air Handling Units Humidification Electric / Steam / Gas Heat recovery
Preston Phipps Units Armstrong International Armstrong International
Bousquet  Devatec  Thermotech


Pressure/Temperature Regulators Pumping Traps Self-cleaning Strainers / Basket
Armstrong International Armstrong International S.P. Kinney
Armstrong International


Hose Stations/Mixing Valves Piston Valves Pipe Couplings
Armstrong International Armstrong Straub


Flow Meters Steam Tracing
Armstrong Veris CSI