Laboratory Ventilation Systems

Preston Phipps offers an extensive line of Laboratory & Ventilation systems for the Healthcare, Chemical, BioPharm and Life Sciences industries.

Laboratory Ventilation Systems
  • Air quality measurement enabling demand control ventilation to be realized
  • Flammable Storage Cabinets with enhanced fire performance for high risk areas, such as laboratories and industrial spaces. Only Triple Certified solution to offer 90 minute fire protection, ULC-1275, FM & EN-14470
  • Electronic systems and venturi air valves for hoods and pressure control of laboratories, clean rooms, BioPharm and micro-electronic production facilities, hospital isolation rooms
  • High-stack exhaust fans avoiding the installation of chimneys for laboratory exhaust perchloric acid hoods, generator sets, ill-smelling gases, smoke
  • Specialist in the field of critical spaces, Waldner is a manufacturer of laboratory furniture and fume hoods. Their SCALA® and Secuflow® product lines are recognized worldwide as leaders in user safety and energy efficiency